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Secured key management


Are you an owner, a tenant or a professional?

Simplify your key management!

Guarantee accessibility to your practical, secure and independent accommodation.

Details of our pricing

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LOCKIN offers pricing tailored to your key management needs:

Key handover - 24 hours
Monthly subscription


at key deposit.


Have your key box for unlimited use over a 24h period.


per key box, per month.


Have your key box for unlimited use over a monthly period to be defined.

Annual subscription


per key box, per month

Have your key box for unlimited use with a preferential rate for a period of 12 months.

Where will my keys be stored?

​Choose the luggage storage closest to your accommodation or business location:

Why choose a key management service?


Comfort and Flexibility

The key box allows authorized people to access the accommodation independently, without having to wait for the owner to be present, during opening hours - from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. - of our LOCKIN luggage storage facility.

Emergency access


A key box can be used to store a spare key, which is particularly useful in the event of accidental locking or lost keys. It allows a homeowner or resident to quickly access their home when needed, without having to call a locksmith.

Receive your loved ones


This system facilitates impromptu meetings, allowing your loved ones to feel welcome without timing constraints. It is particularly useful for welcoming trusted friends if you are not there to welcome them. You are traveling, on the move, at work or you have an unexpected event... don't keep them waiting any longer.

Rental management


If you rent your property on short-term rental platforms like Airbnb, Booking or Leboncoin, a key box can simplify the process of handing over keys to tenants and guarantee their autonomy.​

Increased Security


The key boxes are accessible from our secure, controlled premises under LOCKIN video surveillance.

You can collect your keys using the locker code and number provided by the owner or representative of the accommodation. They provide an extra level of security to protect your keys from theft.​

Simplify your key management!

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