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Become a licensee of the LOCKIN project.

Interested in our automated luggage concept?

We can help you create your project!

Efficiency - Profitability

Get your business up and running quickly: as a licensee, you don't have to create your own brand and marketing materials. Offer services as soon as the equipment is installed and the brand licence contract is signed.

Reduce development costs: We've already invested in developing the brand, optimising the customer experience and spin-off services. Take advantage of this and don't assume these costs.

Benefit from a discount: We can obtain a better price from our exclusive supplier and recommend our partners to you. Optimise your costs and expenses.

A good return on investment.

Autonomous - Sustainable - Innovative

What is LOCKIN?

New and innovative luggage: It will start up in March 2023 in Annecy's old town, then near the lake in November 2023.

A brand identity: Customers often trust established brands that are recognised on Google maps. Take advantage of this trust to convert more easily.

Partners: We quickly gained the trust of local partners, the tourist office and our customers.

A development objective: Increase brand awareness, share a customer file, expand into other towns, increase transaction volume, improve technology and know-how.

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