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Foire aux questions pour vos Bagages

  • What is Lockin?
    Lockin is a set secure luggage locker located in Annecy. We offer a convenient and safe service to store your luggage and personal effects while traveling, visiting or just when you need a safe place to leave them temporarily.
  • How does Lockin work?
    Lockin's operation is simple and secure. When you register, you will receive a QR code by SMS or e-mail. Upon arrival, you will find a centralized control screen connected to all lockers. You will need to login to this control screen using your QR code.
  • Where is the Lockin locker located in Annecy?
    Lockin is ideally located at 1 passage Nemours, in the tourist area of Annecy's old town. You'll also find us at 2 Rue Jean Jaurès, behind Bonlieu, right next to the lake and the tourist office. Annecy station is about 5 minutes' walk away.
  • What are the charges for using the lockers?
    The hourly rate for M size lockers is €2.50, while for XL size lockers the hourly rate is €3.50. You will only pay for the actual time you use your locker.
  • What formats are available for lockers at Lockin?
    At Lockin, we offer two locker sizes: M (medium) and XL (extra large). You can choose the format that best suits your storage needs. If you have any doubts about the size you need for your luggage, we offer you the possibility of trying out different lockers with free access in our premises to find the one that best suits your needs.
  • What happens in case of delay?
    In case of delay, at Lockin, you are charged for each additional hour exceeded. There is no additional cost, you must pay the additional costs when you want to access or collect your luggage.
  • How to make payment at Lockin?
    Payment is made on a Worldline machine. You can insert your bank card or use the contactless feature to make the payment. Please note that we do not accept payment by swipe, American Express, notes or cash.
  • What security does Lockin offer?
    Security is a top priority at Lockin. We have implemented several measures to ensure the protection of your luggage and personal effects. Our lockers are equipped with robust locking systems and each access is controlled by a personal QR code. In addition, our premises are located in a secure and constantly monitored area. So you can have peace of mind using our luggage storage services in Annecy.
  • What is the maximum storage period at Lockin?
    Storage time at Lockin can vary from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 8 hours. You can choose the duration that best suits your situation. Beyond the maximum duration of 8 hours, additional charges may apply.
  • Is it possible to reserve several lockers?
    It is quite possible to reserve several lockers. At the end of a reservation, start the process again to reserve a new locker. The list of all your reserved lockers is displayed on your home page. Whether you need to store multiple pieces of luggage or are traveling in a group, we can provide multiple lockers to meet your storage needs.
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